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Utah Mission Trip (10/04/18)

I am so blessed to go on a mission trip to Utah, in order to share the truth of God with Mormons. These next few days I may not have internet so the updates may have to come later and not on a daily basis, like I am used to doing. When all is set and one, my journal entries and pictures will be available in a devotional format. Keven, Patrick and I will be teaming up as we minister to the lost. As the Lord leads, we will testify of God’s grace and the love of Jesus to all that have an ear to hear. I pray that many people will come to faith and for those that have known God, will come back to Him. We give this trip to God. That He will do as He pleases with us. We are in His hands and it is a blessing to be His witnesses. Please pray for our safety and that there is much fruit. But while I am away, there are still many great resources to check out. Below, you will find links to all the daily devotionals, inspirations, scriptures, and prayers. The archives section is also listed, in order to help you find messages by month and year. But most of all, please continue to read the Bible daily and if you feel like worshiping God, then check out the Music page, where this a ton of great Christian Music.  Lastly, there is a link to Mormon Teachings that Don’t Agree With the Bible.  Please check it out, as these are many of the same things we will be sharing with our Mormon friends.

Daily Devotionals:

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Mormon Teachings That Don’t Agree With the Bible:

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