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Today’s Prayer (01/18/2019)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I call upon Your Name, for You are worthy of all our praise. You have come into my life, and rescued me from the fall. I was truly in over my heads and You pulled me out of the mess I was in. Because of Your […]

Today’s Prayer (01/17/2019)

Daily Prayer: Lord I pray that every believer will continue in the faith, even until the end. May they never lose hope in Your promises. Lead us from temptation, so that Satan will not have a hold of our lives. Help us have courage to fight against all fear and […]

Today’s Prayer (01/16/2019)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I am so grateful to know that You came down to save us all from our sins. We were looking for a Messiah and You came down willingly, in order to sacrifice Your life for mankind. On the cross, You bore our burdens and felt our […]

Today’s Prayer (01/15/2019)

Daily Prayer: Lord, it is a blessing to come unto You and to feel of Your glorious light. I now know how great it is to have Your presence with me, that I might know Your will and do what is right. Because You are with me, I am longer […]

Today’s Prayer (01/14/2019)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I know that so many people are content with their own lives and cannot see what they are missing out on, when it comes to You. They think that they have everything they need and their current beliefs should not be trifled with. Therefore, so many […]

Today’s Prayer (01/13/2019)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I pray that more people will be saved and enter Your kingdom. I know that I have come a long ways from knowing You, but You have drawn me in and now my love for You is greater than ever. My life has been transformed into […]