Stand Against Abortion And Homosexuality

So let’s now read a few verses that affirm our stance on abortion and homosexuality. First off being abortion, where God said, “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 1:28)

Abortion Is Evil

Allowing an evil act such as abortion comes with many consequences. This is doing what you think is right, though it goes against God’s will.

Abortion Is An Abomination To God

Anyone that harms a child, has God’s wrath upon them. Only a person that repents of their sins and is made right with Jesus will be saved.

Sons And Daughters Of God

How grateful I am to have such a loving Father. To be called the son of the Most High God means the world to me.

God’s Beautiful Creation

Our God is perfect in all His ways. His creation was laid out with such precision. It leaves me in awe just thinking of His glorious creation.

God’s Magnificent Creation

We were made in the likeness of God. We all have a purpose on earth. We are not alone for God is always with us. Thank Him each day in prayer.