Genesis 31:14-16

Genesis 31:14-16 (KJV)
14 And Rachel and Leah answered and said unto him, Is there yet any portion or inheritance for us in our father’s house?
15 Are we not counted of him strangers? for he hath sold us, and hath quite devoured also our money.
16 For all the riches which God hath taken from our father, that is ours, and our children’s: now then, whatsoever God hath said unto thee, do.

Forgive One Another

If I accidentally hurt anyone, I want them to know how sorry I am. It is a big relief to say sorry. It is like a huge rock lifted off my shoulders.

Cast Aside Your Idols

Living a life of sin can drive someone to lust after what isn’t ours. This physical joy can toy around with us and make us believe that it will last.

Our Great Protector

The Lord loves His children. He can see through our busy lives and knows who truly loves Him. His faithful sings praises to His Name.

Arise And Follow The Lord

If the Lord asks me to arise, I shall go. The kingdom of God has been declared and I will follow it. I know where He is leading me is fruitful. His ways are honest and true.

May The Lord Be With You

I am alive again because of the mercy of the Lord. I cried out and He came for me. I was lost but He found me and gave me peace. My broken heart was healed through His love.