Proverbs 19:17

Proverbs 19:17 (KJV)
17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Proverbs 19:28,29

Proverbs 19:28,29 (KJV)
28 An ungodly witness scorneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.
29 Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools.


Learn From God And His Word

Though a person of faith may desire to come to learn from God, Satan uses many different things to deter them.

Proverbs 19:26,27

Proverbs 19:26,27 (KJV)
26 He that wasteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son that causeth shame, and bringeth reproach.
27 Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.


Proverbs 19:20,21

Proverbs 19:20,21 (KJV)
20 Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.
21 There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.


Proverbs 19:8,9

Proverbs 19:8,9 (KJV)
8 He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good.
9 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.


Gain Wisdom And Keep It

Those that look to Christ are safely guided by God. Because we are quick to remember Him and what He teaches us through scripture and prayer, we draw nearer to Him daily.