Growing Closer To Jesus Daily!

Sing Praises To Our God

The Lord is “mighty in power; His understanding is infinite”. We have no fear for He is on our side. He knows us all by name. We are precious in His sight.

His Mercy Endures Forever

Before anything else, I will seek the Lord. He brings me true joy. Nothing compares to the happiness I feel in His presence.

Praise The Name Of Jesus

I believe in You Jesus. I worship You. I rejoice in your goodness. May my songs give you honor and praise. Let everything I am lift You up high.

Help Lead Me Lord

Oh Lord, lead me to those that have had enough of the heartaches of this world. Those that are open to hear your words.

Lift Up The Lord In Worship

I sing out in praise to the King of Glory. My voice cries out to the Lord in heaven. My Lord, my God. You have free access to my heart.

Sing Praises To The Lord

My help is in the Lord. He is my hope and my strength. My trust is in Jesus. Through repentance I’ve discovered His mercy.

Shout Hosanna To The Lord

Oh Lord my God, how great thou art. You are glorious beyond measure. Angels declare, Holy, Holy is Your Name. I am amazed by your wondrous creation.

Proclaim The Good News

Open your hearts to the Lord. He is waiting for you. Let the Spirit move within you. Let His will be done and not yours. This world we live in needs hope.

Are You Christian?

I was satisfied with my time at church but also my time in the world. It wasn’t until my sorrow was too hard to bear that I cried out to Jesus.

The Lord’s Great Mercy

My heart sings hallelujah to the Lord on high. I praise the King of Kings. For the Lord is mighty to save. No matter the crime He restores us to fullness of light.

God’s Mercy

Oh Lord, your love is deeper than the ocean. There is no end to your mercy. The joy I feel when I am around you is overwhelming.

Read The Bible

When I stumble and fall I pick up the Bible and find renewed hope. When there is anguish and grief in my life I am comforted by the words of God.

Come To Know God

To know God is more valuable than anything I know. Salvation is in His hands. Prayer to our Lord Almighty is the high point of my day. I am safe when He is near.

Have Mercy Lord

Lord, we come to You with open arms. Forgive us of our trespasses. We are sorry for giving into our inner lusts. Let your mercy shine down upon us.

All Praise God

My faith is unwavering for Jesus is my shield. I am strong for He gives me strength. His love burns in my soul. I am alive for He has given me new life.

Call Upon The Lord

Give your heart to the one who gives life. Lean on the Lord and He will be with you. He will never be far from you when you need Him.

Give Thanks To God

Seek the Lord’s presence and you shall find mercy. Come before the King and give Him thanks for He is worthy.

Praise The Lord

I love and honor the Lord. All praise to His Name. My soul sings hallelujah. I am saved because of the mercy of my King.

Thank You Lord

Give thanks to the Lord for He is merciful. Tell Him all that He means to you. Come to Him in prayer for He will answer you. Give Him praise.

Lord, You Are Welcome Here

I love the Lord. His love never fails. He has given me a new life. He has given me hope. I feel courage with Him by side. He is always welcome in my heart.

Praise The Lord In Song

I love to praise You, Lord. I love to worship You. When I sing, I sing out in praise. With all of my heart I will give You glory. I live my life for You.

As We Seek Jesus We Will Love Him

If you haven’t found Jesus in your life devote today to follow Him. As you seek Him you will begin to find a new love for Him.

Cast Your Burdens On The Lord

Jesus will lift your burdens. He will sustain you when things are difficult. He will give you rest when you are weary. For He loves us.

Be Filled With God’s Word Daily

The word of God is a light to my path. It over powers darkness. For the Lord is my guide. I am no longer lost as I read His truth each day.

Jesus Is Calling Us

Are You seeking the Lord first in Your life? Is your mind clouded by things of this world? Give your life to Him and let Jesus heal your heart.

Come To The Lord In Prayer

Let us worship our Lord, God and give Him thanks. For He is worthy of all our praise. Let us grow closer to Him in prayer every day.

Lift Up Your Voice

When I pray I am in peace. Jesus’s love overtakes me. He is right by my side. I know He is listening. My heart is filled with His love. I feel safe for He is with me.

Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus. You have rescued me. I was so lost without You. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your kindness.

My Hope Is Built On Jesus

My hope is built on Jesus. He is my cornerstone. He is Lord of All. Through His blood I can be healed. Through His righteousness I can know how to live.

Counsel With God

How interesting it is that most times we’d rather counsel with another person of our faith then in prayer to our God.

A Burning Desire To Praise God

I know most us love God but have you ever just wanted to feel his presence so strong in your life that all you want to do is praise him?