Jesus’s Birth: Matthew 2

We celebrate Jesus and His birth this time of year. Because He came, our sins can be forgiven, while our path is set in motion.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 14

Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him. The Father sends the Holy Spirit and Jesus is with us. This is called the trinity.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 10

Jesus and the Father are one. Even the Holy Spirit is with Him and us also. These three are different persons in one true God.

Jesus Is The Reason For Christmas

The best part about Christmas is not about presents, but to think about Jesus and to give to others. Doing this brings the greatest joy of all.

God’s Opinion On Abortion

Come and learn about the gravity of the sin of abortion. Learn what God says about this important matter.

Mixing The World Into Church

Anybody who teaches their children about Santa Claus is not following Jesus. Those in Christ don’t teach lies to their kids.

Jesus Is The Light Of The World

Did you know that Luke also refers to Jesus and light in the same reference? In Luke, chapter 2, we hear this from the words of Simeon, a devout man of God, who had the opportunity to hold the baby Jesus first hand.

Mary Magnified Her Son, Who Is The Lord

After Elizabeth rejoiced in Mary’s son, Mary also rejoiced in him. And because she said some amazing things through the Holy Spirit, there is less I have to say but share what she said.

Jesus’s Birth: The Wise Men

The wise men were also very smart, and because of this, they were able to sense who was for the coming Messiah, and who was not.

Tell Everyone About Jesus

So let me ask you a question. Have you responded to the gospel in a way that you want everyone to know about Jesus and be saved?

Always Remember Jesus

Every person that walks apart from God will be in trouble come judgement day. They will hear the words, “I never knew you”.