The Flood Came

God did send a flood, much worse than we have ever seen, to wipe out everyone on the face of the earth that was not on the ark.

A Warning From God

One day my Lord, and my King, Jesus, will return to take us home. All I can say is, come Lord Jesus! I am ready, God.

Mission Trip: October 2021

During the days of the mission trip are September 30th till October 5th, I’ll be in Utah. The mission trip will officially begin on Friday morning, October 1st.

Jesus’s Return

When Jesus returns, His wrath will be poured out upon the wicked. The saints will be fighting along with Him in white robes.

False Religions

If you, knowingly are a part of a false religion, then l I ask, and God asks also, for You to come out of it for Christ’s sake.

Our Faith In Jesus Changes Us

The moment you put your trust in Jesus, a life change begins. You are not only saved but are now made different from within.