Forgive One Another

If I accidentally hurt anyone, I want them to know how sorry I am. It is a big relief to say sorry. It is like a huge rock lifted off my shoulders.

Are You Christian?

I was satisfied with my time at church but also my time in the world. It wasn’t until my sorrow was too hard to bear that I cried out to Jesus.

Cast Aside Your Idols

Living a life of sin can drive someone to lust after what isn’t ours. This physical joy can toy around with us and make us believe that it will last.

Our Great Protector

The Lord loves His children. He can see through our busy lives and knows who truly loves Him. His faithful sings praises to His Name.

The Lord’s Great Mercy

My heart sings hallelujah to the Lord on high. I praise the King of Kings. For the Lord is mighty to save. No matter the crime He restores us to fullness of light.

Arise And Follow The Lord

If the Lord asks me to arise, I shall go. The kingdom of God has been declared and I will follow it. I know where He is leading me is fruitful. His ways are honest and true.

May The Lord Be With You

I am alive again because of the mercy of the Lord. I cried out and He came for me. I was lost but He found me and gave me peace. My broken heart was healed through His love.

The Lord Heals Our Pains

As we turn away from our self and give everything to God we will begin to feel the Lord in our lives. His love will break down all of our chains that have kept us bound.

Stay True To God

We must keep high standards and not be like the world. As we stay true to the Bible we will know what is true and what is false. Take courage and be strong in the faith of Jesus.

Love Is Amazing

How amazing would it be if Christians marry someone who holds the same beliefs and values. Dating within the walls of your faith will bring much more joy to your marriage.

God Is With Us

God does so much good for our lives. He cares deeply for us. He is our King of Glory. Our God is mighty in the heavens above. Worship the Lord with all your heart and strength.

Bow Before The Lord

Oh Lord, I love You above all. Your great mercy has set me free. I am no longer tied down to idols of this earth. They never did anything for me but cause me pain.

Glorious Is The Lord

Oh Lord, though I have never seen your face I know You are there. In my mind, I can see your glorious presence. You reign supreme in my heart.

The Lord Blesses Our Families

All those that live their lives for God will be abundantly blessed. Nothing on earth can match the blessings of God. He opens the heavens to bestow healing for the sick.

Born Again In Christ Jesus

Have you been born again? Are you alive in Jesus? Is your faith sure in the Lord? Are you doing everything you can to follow Him?

Live To Follow God’s Commandments

The faith of a Christian cannot be replaced. It is part of who they are. Nobody has to force them to serve others. They are ready and willing to do what the Lord has for them.

Receive Jesus As Lord

The Lord knows what is best for us. We must turn to Him before the time is up. Jesus is coming quickly. Receive Him and be saved.

God’s Mercy

Oh Lord, your love is deeper than the ocean. There is no end to your mercy. The joy I feel when I am around you is overwhelming.