God’s Comfort In Trials

Speaking of someone that God was still able to use during the most difficult of times was Paul, the apostle.

A Witness For Christ

The message that I have to share with people comes from the Bible and by of the Holy Spirit. This I teach and preach that all people will be drawn unto the Lord and repent.

Evangelism Is Not Easy But Worth It

While in the service of God there will be persecution, even to the point of death. Nobody said that being a witness for Christ will come easy, instead it comes with a lot of hard work and tears.

A True Christian

Now that we have defined what a true Christian is, I would like you to think to yourself if you are living a life of a Christian.

The Resurrection Of The Dead

In reference to the resurrection of the dead, this was the reason why the Jews were upset with Paul. How interesting this is, since Daniel taught the very same thing that Paul taught concerning this topic.

TV Time Or Time With God

If you were to give your time to God and lay off all that TV watching, then you would be more inclined to read the Bible, pray and do the will of God.

Trials In Life

Paul surely was a man of God who loved the Lord, even if it meant great persecution would be in his path or his own death.

The Lord Sustains My Life

Surely with the Lord God in my life, my future is secure. All my burdens are lifted. Where there was hunger, He gave me bread to eat.

Sleeping And Messing Around In Church

Eutychus did fall asleep, while hearing Paul’s message and, at the same time, did nothing wrong. You might ask then, why do you mention his story?

To Know God’s Way More Perfectly

Please know that it is not the person that God hates but every wrong way. This includes ever false teaching, belief, doctrine and sin in this world.

Led By God Or Self In Evangelism

The new disciples that were with Paul, were excited to go with him. They wanted to serve the Lord and seek out the Lost along the way.

Prayers for Peter, Who Is In Prison

After Peter was led out of the prison gates and into the city by the hand of the angel, he came to the house of Mary where the saints were gathered together praying.

The Road To Damascus

Surely, God did not have to save Saul from the judgements that awaited the wicked and punishment of hell, but He did so anyways.

Seven Disciples Were Called

Because Stephen was full of the Holy Ghost, he was able to do great wonders and miracles among the people, much like Jesus did.

Ananias And Sapphira

In the early church, the people of God were those that sold all their goods and gave everything they earned to the church and those in need.