Jacob Blessed Judah

While Jesus was on earth, he rode on an ass into Jerusalem, as it was prophesied of. All people will one day bow down to and worship the Lord God, if not in this life, but in judgement.

The Message Of The Cross

No person on this earth has ever been saved, but through the blood of Jesus. Only because of what He did for us on the cross, does it make it possible to be redeemed and have our sins forgiven.

The Angel Of The Lord Redeemed Jacob

In knowing that Jesus is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all the prophets of the Old Testament, this puts Him as more than just a man but God.

Jacob Blessed Pharaoh

Time went by while Israel and his family took residence in the land of Egypt, “and they had possessions therein, and grew, and multiplied exceedingly.” (Genesis 47:27)

Jacob’s Faith And Reunion With Joseph

And so it was that Jacob did as the Lord commanded him. He made ready his family, after offering a sacrifice unto God, to meet Joseph and go with him into Egypt.

Faith Without God’s Will Is Dead Faith

It is clear that our faith without doing God’s works in our lives is not faith at all. When our desires matter more than others, then God does not really matter in our life also.

Give Up Your Idols

God does not take lightly the fact that people have idols in their life. For this reason He Himself has given us a command to not have any other gods before Him.

Miracles And Healing Today

These two issues that I mentioned above, my health and my job issues, weighed on my mind and my wives over the last many weeks.

Grudges And Forgiving When It Is Hard

Please know that the moment that Joseph insisted that his brothers bring his younger brother down to Egypt, before they could buy any food, is when His walls were still up in full force against them.

The Last Prophesy Of Revelation

After getting such an amazing description of the New Jerusalem, which is on the new Earth, it is easy to blown away by all of this.

New Heaven And New Earth

As John mentioned above, the bride of Christ will come down from the new heaven and upon the new earth.

The Millennium, War, And Judgement

In John’s vision, he also saw people be given thrones in heaven and even the ability to judge. He also saw the people that were beheaded, because of their faith in Christ.