Growing Closer To Jesus Daily!

Called Out By God

Imagine doing something wrong and then being called out by God in all His wrath. It would be terrifying.

Go Or Not Go Where God Leads

Are you willing to give up specific things in order to go all-in and follow Jesus? This is a vital decision when it comes to being saved.

Strange Fire: Part 2

If we do things that are unholy unto God, just know that there are consequences to every one of these actions also.

Waging War With God At the Head

There are times when we need to step up and fight for our faith in God. This is of course when He calls us and we then respond in honor to our King.

Tithing: Old Covenant

In the old covenant people gave a certain percentage unto the Lord, whereas in the new covenant we give what God puts on our hearts.

Year-Long Sabbath Anyone?

There was a time when people observed a year-long sabbath, but those days are over. The seventh day is still ok to rest on, however.

Never Let Your Light Go Dim

Willful sin tears us away from God and causes our light to go dim and then out completely. Only God can help this to not happen.