God Saved Me From A Cult Called Mormonism

Coming out of a cult was never easy for me. You may not know this but I was born and raised in the Mormon church, went on an LDS mission, and even got married in their temple. It all seemed so right while I was in it. I had my family who believed in it,

Mormonism And Halloween

There is an evil trend with Mormonism and Halloween. Mormons love this holiday. They are blinded to the darkness therein.

Mission Trip: October 2021

During the days of the mission trip are September 30th till October 5th, I’ll be in Utah. The mission trip will officially begin on Friday morning, October 1st.

False Religions

If you, knowingly are a part of a false religion, then l I ask, and God asks also, for You to come out of it for Christ’s sake.

Trinity Taught In The Book Of Mormon

The trinity doctrine is in the book of Mormon, but the Mormon church denies this and instead teaches their own man-made godhead doctrine instead.

Rebuking False Teachers

False teachers need to be called out, in order to lead them and others to Jesus. Only He can open their eyes and save them.

Another Gospel

Because of the subtle craftiness of men, people have perverted the true gospel message and led millions of people astray.