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Prayers: December 2017

Lord, if the hearts of our enemies cannot be softened, I pray that a greater affliction may also come upon them. That they may know that trifling with God and His people has dire consequences. “So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm.” May the […]

Prayers: November 2017

Oh Lord, give us a bigger heart to pray for one another. May our lives be that we love one another more than ourselves. May your love come inside of us that others may see. May people grow closer to You by way of our lives. May you be a […]

Prayers: October 2017

Oh Lord, thank You for this night to witness in Your Name. I loved proclaiming the good news that You offer. It is only through You, Jesus, that we can be forgiven. We can be set free because of Your great mercy. I pray that those people that heard the […]

Prayers: September 2017

Oh Lord, my earnest desire is for my family, friends and those around me to know You. I am grateful for each new day to read the Bible and pray. Your writings help me know the way. I am lead safely through the dangers of life through Your words. Every […]

Prayers: August 2017

Oh Lord, I am so grateful to know You. Even after knowing my sinful lifestyle, You still saw potential in me. You saw a life in Christ before it even happened. I didn’t think I could escape my addictions but You gave me hope. I had no way to control […]

Prayers: July 2017

Oh Lord, lead us by the hand. Cleanse our thoughts that we may think of You and not of this world. Our flesh is weak and willing to fall into the littlest temptation. Pornography is ramped and I do not wish it in my life, Lord. Though the evil thoughts […]

Prayers: June 2017

Our Father in heaven, You are so gracious and kind. Thank You for fulfilling my needs. I was so lost trying to find joy in all the wrong places. Finally I have true happiness that doesn’t end. Your peace helps me get through the hard times. Thank You for caring […]

Prayers: May 2017

Oh Lord, I am grateful to know You. Thank you for your great love for me. This love cannot be kept inside. Continue to bring me to help others in need. Let them feel of Your love. Everything I do is for You, Jesus. I pray that more people will […]

Prayers: April 2017

Oh Lord, I am among those that have kept secrets from those I love. It is your conviction that has helped me open up to them. I pray that you will forgive me for keeping secrets. I also pray that those affected by my secret life will, one day, forgive […]

Prayers: March 2017

Thank You Lord for using us this day to find the lost. This was a very special day indeed to see Nick give his life to You. Thank You for speaking though us. I love You. Paul Gee / March 31, 2017 I pray for those that say they believe […]

Prayers: February 2017

Thank You Lord for opening my eyes to Your truth. For many years I followed a false religion in Mormonism but You opened my eyes to its deceit. You showed me that Your true gospel is in the Bible. That following another gospel is not of You but of Satan. […]

Prayers: January 2017

Thank You God for giving me a way to escape sin. There is no chains You cannot cut lose. You’ve given me an improved outlook on life. Thank You for caring so deeply for me and my family. I no longer want to be separated from Your love. Be near […]

Prayers: December 2015

Lord Jesus, send me. I come to you Lord. Let me be a beacon of hope to others. Send me to the lost. Help me find all those that are looking for something better in their lives. Open there hearts to accept your gift of salvation. That I might be […]

Prayers: December 2016

Oh Lord, thank You for Your mercy. Your light has shined down into my soul and delivered me from darkness. You have set me free from turmoil and grief. My sadness has turned into gladness. You have breathed new life into my soul. Though my sins were great You have […]

Prayers: January 2016

Jesus, I believe in You. All truth is found in You. I put aside all my sins for You. When I feel weak you lift me up and give me rest. When I am tempted you give me strength to overcome it. My heart has been made new in your […]

Prayers: February 2016

Lord, I will follow You. There is power in your name. Your ways are true. I am assured of your truth each day. May I always be a light in this darkened world. Your love burns within my soul. I will share your good news so that others will feel […]

Prayers: March 2016

Oh Lord, my soul sings Hallelujah to your Name. I am so honored to worship my resurrected Lord. I have hope because of your death and resurrection. I can’t wait to one day see You and wrap my arms around You. I love You! Paul Gee / March 26, 2016 […]

Prayers: April 2016

Oh Lord, I am not shaken for You are by my side. My passion is fed on your love. I will lift You up high in worship for You are my God. My heart sings hallelujah to your Name. With boldness, I will share your love to the world. You […]

Prayers: May 2016

Oh Lord, You are everything to me. Have your way in me. I lift my hands high to praise You. I love You. Paul Gee / May 31, 2016 Oh God, thank you for this country. You keep me safe when times are hard. I will fight for your cause […]

Prayers: June 2016

Be near Oh Lord, all the days of our life. When we falter, raise us up to walk a new with You again. This life can be tough and we need your help. We experience so many obstacles each day that try to drive us away from you. These temptations […]

Prayers: July 2016

Thank You Lord for leaving the Word of God for us to read. Teach me of your ways. Lead me and guide me. I love You Jesus! Paul Gee / July 30, 2016 Oh Lord, I love You. I come to You with arms open wide. You have my heart. […]

Prayers: August 2016

Oh Lord, we believe in You. Teach us to love with all our hearts. Teach us to forgive one another. Teach us to apologize more often. Cast away any anger in our hearts. May your peace be upon us always. Your ways are good. Lead us, oh Lord. We love […]

Prayers: September 2016

Oh Lord, I am amazed by Your love. Thank You for healing my heart. I was so wicked and caught up in the world. It’s Your love that took me by storm. Though I thought I was happy, I had never felt Your great love. Nothing compared to it. I’ve […]

Prayers: October 2016

Oh Lord, I thank You for everything You’ve done for me. I am grateful to come before You. I bow down at your feet. I love You Jesus. My life has never been better for You are with me. Take my heart. Take my soul. I surrender all to You. […]

Prayers: November 2016

Oh Lord, I honor and bless You. My heart sings out in anthems of thanksgiving to Your Holy Name. I can feel Your loving arms all around me. There is so much peace in my life. Your grace has given me new hope. Your mercy has set me free. You […]

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Come to God in prayer. Come and worship the Lord. Come to know Jesus better through daily prayer. Pour your heart out to Him, for He listens.