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Need prayer and insight as to whether I have lost my salvation

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I have a history of demonic oppression that has stemmed from 10 years ago after nearly dying in the hospital and after an incident where my sister said something negative to me at a wedding. I know that sounds odd but I can trace my oppression back to that incident. Her comment was critical of my eating habits and after reflecting on what she said I had something agree with me in my spirit saying that she was right to judge me because I was eating without discretion. That night I got attacked by a demon which tried to suffocate me in my sleep. 

From then I had some odd spiritual things going on with me, demons trying to get me to eat, feeling condemned about what I ate and feeling like God was trying to get me to be ascetic. I didn't know how to get freedom. At some point I started having condemning dreams and felt like I was cut off from God. I felt it was because I didn't listen and should have fasted or not been carnal. Its been like 5 years and I still don't know whether or not God has cut me off. I still feel demons over that won't go away when I pray and I feel a change in my emotions and thoughts in my head. They have literally damaged my brain which shows up on a brain scan. I have not gotten clear answers from ministers that I have sought help from.

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