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Please help me and my family with prayers

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Greetings my name Thethelela Ngwenya I'm in South Africa with my family  , I am sorry to bother you , buplease help me , my wife and our two children please . Can you please help me and my family with prayers . We are in great need and desperate of prayers and we need miracles right now please help us for we have been praying but things keep getting worse and nothing changes or happens , we ask for help as well in this matter and situation, please help us . Our two children are not going to school because we don't have money and at the place we staying in they want to lock us out because we haven't paid the rent. We are in need and we really need GOD to intervene in our lives and change our situation ,lives and everything happening in our lives . May you please intercede for us and please pray for us that we don't get chased out of the place we staying in and we don't become homeless ,  that our children go to school , have food , that all debts in our lives be wiped away and removed . May you please pray for us that GOD blesses us financially with money with wealth with businesses our own house that is mansion with wisdom and please pray that He destroys everything bad happening in our lives and everything done by enemies and witches also that may all the witches , witchdoctors and sorcerers against us be destroyed and killed by fire . May God please take out all the poverty , financial barreness , curses , spells and generational curses out of our lives.

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Praying for you!

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