Growing Closer To Jesus Daily!

All Lives Matter

As Christians, we are to say “All Lives Matter”. Saying “Black lives Matter” is racist and needs to be stopped. People of all colors are equal in God’s eyes.

Sexual Sin Is Not Worth It

It isn’t worth falling victim to sexual sin. Don’t allow your integrity with God to be ruined. Temporary pleasure is not worth it.

When God Takes Us Home

To those people that continue to build up their lives in worldly pleasures. There will be a reckoning with God in judgement, come death.

The Fifth Seal Is Opened

One day every person who has died for their faith in Jesus will receive white robes and rest for a reason, until Christ’s return.

The Coronavirus And The Fourth Seal

So let’s now look at what the fourth seal entails in more detail. We got four things coming to the earth. The person riding the pale horse is called death and he is bringing war, starvation, plagues, and death by animals.

Living For The Will Of The Father

What you’ve once done for the Lord will mean nothing, if you are now living in habitual sin. You can’t say, Lord, but what about the mission trip I did 2 years ago.

Sleeping And Messing Around In Church

Eutychus did fall asleep, while hearing Paul’s message and, at the same time, did nothing wrong. You might ask then, why do you mention his story?

The Road To Damascus

Surely, God did not have to save Saul from the judgements that awaited the wicked and punishment of hell, but He did so anyways.

Judgement Is Coming

Let us now review our own lives before God. If you died today, would you be ready to meet Jesus in judgement?

Judgement For The Wicked

One day soon, the wicked will tremble before the Lord in judgement. They may not be so keen to is judgements now but after death they will have no choice but to surrender to Him.

Death And Judgment

In death, our bodies will not rise until the day of our resurrection, while our spirits will wait for the judgement seat of Christ.

Come Back To The Lord

Nothing will give us eternal satisfaction but God. There is hope for any of you that have fallen away from God.

Our Reward After Death

If your heart isn’t for God then you are against Him. It is a terrible thing to be on the opposite side of God in judgement.