Come Back To The Lord

Nothing will give us eternal satisfaction but God. There is hope for any of you that have fallen away from God.

Our Reward After Death

If your heart isn’t for God then you are against Him. It is a terrible thing to be on the opposite side of God in judgement.

Sexual Sin Can Send A Person To Hell

As the Bible teaches, adultery, fornication and pornography is not tolerated with God and therefore, these people will feel the wrath of God in judgement, lest they repent.

Heaven Or Hell Awaits

There will be a day when everyone will be judged before the Lord, Jesus Christ. He can see the person we are today and the person we can become.

The Great Whore

In this vision, John could see that judgement was poured out upon this woman in purple and scarlet, of which sat upon a scarlet beast.

Repent And Rejoice In The Lord

Have you considered what it would be like if you were to die today? Are you ready for judgement? Think about your life before God.

Judgement Is Awaiting

The Lord looks at the heart and knows if we truly love Him. At judgement, all of His followers will enter His joy with enthusiasm.

Life Is A Gift From God

As parents, we repent, as we also teach our kids, for if we neglect this opportunity we know there will be consequences come judgement day.

Follow Jesus And Do His Will For Salvation

As is taught, come judgement day, people are either going be found innocent or guilty. The one key factor is if people believed in and followed Jesus for salvation.

Hell And The Lake Of Fire

John prophesied of the white throne judgement. Where “the dead, small and great, stand before God.” Among these people are those in hell.

Always Remember Jesus

Every person that walks apart from God will be in trouble come judgement day. They will hear the words, “I never knew you”.

Are You Wicked Or Wise?

Every person that neglects their opportunity to repent is wicked. They will be judged and be found guilty.