Jesus Is My Everything

Jesus is my everything. I am a new person in Him. I love Him so much that it brings me to tears. His love is like the sun’s warm rays.

Judgment Seat Of Christ

Jesus is our judge and calls us by name. Come before Him, who is King, that You may be accepted on that great and dreadful day.

Believe In And Do As Jesus Says

Make a decision to believe in and learn of the Lord God who saves. It would be very unwise of you to live out your entire life, having lived against the words of God.

Salvation Through Jesus Christ

There are many things in this life that people trust in but all these things are temporary and lead to destruction, apart from Jesus.

Repent And Trust In The Lord

Will you heed the voice of the Lord and allow Him to make something of your life, this day? Lay down your sins and addictions at the feet of Jesus.

After The Flood

It is true that all the amazing technology before the flood was lost in time, as God did a do-over with his creation on earth.

Lord, Judge Me Now

Too many so-called Christians have died and gone to hell because they thought their own good works would save them.

Foolish Or Wise

If foolish people would be open and hearken to the message of the gospel, then they would see how gracious God really is.

The Wrath Of God

If you have not repented and come to Jesus, then you are covered in stains. Your sins have scarred you from ear to ear.

The Need For Good Works

How can people see Christians and glorify God, if there are no good works in our lives? Therefore, faith without works is dead.

Our Reward After Death

If your heart isn’t for God then you are against Him. It is a terrible thing to be on the opposite side of God in judgement.