Praises To The Lord God

God is above all the idols in people’s lives. He is worth more than all our time on the phone. He is worth more than the time we spend watching TV.

Persecution For Righteousness Sake

Surely, there is much rejoicing for those that die in the Lord. So many people have suffered for such a good cause, though it is hard to bear and witness.

Pray Always

Remember to pray always. Only by doing this will you be found not giving in to your sinful desires. God will keep you from falling.

Love Your Enemies

The same love that God has shown to us leads us to forgive one another. Jesus has taught that he shows mercy upon us as we have mercy upon others.

The Place Of Judgement

As for those people that have either rejected the Lord Jesus in their lives or didn’t show fruits of their faith, they will have a very different outcome, come judgement day.

Bringing Church Home

I am just so grateful for this experience to bring church to Victor’s home. He surely needed God’s help in his life.

Absalom’s Evil Plot To Be King

It was at this time that David found himself in a bad spot with his son and the people, but his heart continued with the Lord for safety and guidance.

The Work Of An Evangelist

We are each instructed to do the work of an evangelist. This means to be ready to share the gospel with anybody you may encounter.

Judgement Day Is Coming

There is power in the name of Jesus. Trust in Him and He will give you strength. We can do all things in Christ Jesus.

The Lord Will Rule And Reign

While the Lord Jesus comes to rule and reign on the earth, His laws will be established. Every nation will be under His control.

Judgement And War Upon The Earth

Now the vision continues as praises ring out in the heavens above. Everyone that has a voice to say anything is crying out in thanksgiving to Jesus, our Savior.

Our Sins Are Paid In Full

What Jesus has done on the cross is the greatest sacrifice of all. He has stepped into our place in judgement. We were found guilty but have been set free.