The Armor Of God

There is only one way we can win the battle against temptation. It is through the armor of God in our lives.

Seek First What God Commands

If people could just realize how evil they have become, and how it affects other people and God, maybe they’d be more willing to change their lives.

Requirements To Enter Heaven

When we love the Lord Jesus, all of these things become a part of our lives. As we give our lives to Christ, He is able to transform is.

The Love Of Money Is Evil

The more money a person has, also comes many foolish thoughts and decisions, if God is not involved.

Heed The Warnings From God

Along with the story of the Pharaoh in the Bible, there are many other warnings from God now that speak to our lives.

The Ten Virgins

Jesus teaches that five of the virgins carried their lamps with oil to light their path. They could see what dangers were before them and stand against it.

God’s Mercy, Our Mercy

Get back up when you sin. Humble yourself and come to God in prayer for deliverance. God continues to beckon us home, though we have strayed.

Damaging Effects Of Pornography

If you are addicted to pornography, then this message is for you. Please take a moment now and pray. Allow Jesus to cleanse you and change your wicked heart.

Run From Sin

Do we run from our sins or let the sin take root in our lives? When we face a temptation do we easily give way to it or do we put up our guards to deflect it?

Finally Made It

Praise be to God for every person who has ever lived and died firmly in their faith in Jesus.