Growing Closer To Jesus Daily!

Evangelize: Primrose Street

To all those that love the Lord, God asks that they become ambassadors of Him. That they don’t keep His message to themselves but share it with others.

God Wants To Help Us

God wants to answer your prayers and give you guidance. But who is willing to keep His commandments and do what He desires first?

God Answered Job: Part 1

Even in our darkest moments in life, God still wants to speak to us. Only through His presence can we find wisdom and peace.

All Lives Matter

As Christians, we are to say “All Lives Matter”. Saying “Black lives Matter” is racist and needs to be stopped. People of all colors are equal in God’s eyes.

Sin Hardens Our Hearts To God

The thing about sin is it is detrimental to our lives and our walk with God. Because it hardens our hearts to God and leads us to do things that are wicked, His presence is no longer in our lives either to protect us.

Abortion Is Shedding Innocent Blood

When women murder their unborn babies, their innocent blood is on their hands. They have seriously defiled their own bodies with the blood of innocent children.

Heaven Or Hell?

I declare that there is a heaven and there is a hell. All those in heaven are in paradise with the Lord. All those in hell are suffering in fire and brimstone.

Palm Sunday

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a colt, imagine people all around Him giving praise. It was like a parade and Jesus was the main event.

Let Your Light So Shine

We are God’s servants on earth. He has made us a new creation and breathed in us the Holy Spirit. We have been taken from the darkness and into the light of Christ.

False Teachings In Mormonism

There should be only one decision to make and that is to follow Jesus and what He taught in the Bible and no longer follow after the doctrines of men.