Glory To God

This website created and run by Paul Gee has so so so blessed my life in many ways. Paul has the wisdom and understanding that is matched by no other person except for another friend of mine who I won’t name off for personal reasons. But all for the glory to God for the Holy Spirit has given to Paul Gee. He has answers to many of my deepest questions if not all of them. And if not all of them are answered, well God be glorified still. Praise God for Paul Gee and his ministry and this website. This is the best ministry and website I’ve ever seen except for my other friend’s ministry. There are none greater in ministry than Paul Gee in my opinion except for my other friend’s ministry. This is all true to God be the glory and every man be a liar and let God be true. Every answer is not needed but only that which will bring God glory. amen!

-Jonathan Eli Nebeker
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