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Today’s Prayer (09/08/2018)

Daily Prayer: Lord, we come before You, this day, and declare that we need You. We know that we are a sinner and need Your blood to cover us. We are sorry for putting You off and not seeking You as we should. We know that the things of this […]

Proverbs 29:22-24

Proverbs 29:22-24 (KJV) 22 An angry man stirreth up strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression. 23 A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. 24 Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it […]

Proverbs 29:16-18

Proverbs 29:16-18 (KJV) 16 When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall. 17 Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul. 18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the […]