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Utah Mission Trip (10/03/20)

Patrick E Roy and I were preaching today near the Salt Lake City Mall and many people stopped and listened. We used the new PA System I purchased for the trip, and the sound from the microphones was so clear and loud. We preached about the truth of the gospel, how abortion goes against God’s plan, how homosexuality goes against God’s order for marriage, following Jesus and not prophets, how Halloween is of the devil, how TV and smartphones have become people’s idols, and many other things. As the Spirit spoke to us we preached. So many people watched and came and talked with us, asking us questions. One particular person was a Satanist, who I was speaking to one on one while Patrick was preaching. The conversation went very well since he had tons of questions about Jesus and the Bible. And because he was open to the truth, I began to answer all his questions, and then Patrick came to help me as well. We mentioned how God wants to flip his upside-down tattoo of the cross to the right side up and do amazing work in his life. We encouraged him to come unto Jesus and allow Him to save His life from death and destruction. And it went so well that near the end he said that he would commit to reading the Bible for the next two months, starting with the Book of Matthew. That he would stop using his satanic Bible during this time. Our time with him must have been around 2 hours and it was for sure the divine encounter for the day. Praise God that the Holy Spirit was speaking through us and that many lives were impacted for God’s sake. Lots of tracts were given out and many people were prayed over. And all the glory to God for this beautiful day in God’s harvest.

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