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Today’s Prayer (01/25/2021)

Oh Lord, our God, I pray that You will give me and others more boldness to share the truths of Your Words and Yourself to others. That we will never back down when we are threatened or persecuted. And please give us the words to speak. We cannot do or say anything good unless You are with us. Keep our eyes fixed on what needs to be done and to look all around for people who are ready to receive You, Jesus. Don’t let us feel like there is nothing else we can say to people, for You always have something to say. So often do we let ourselves get discouraged when things don’t appear to be going our way, but give us even more boldness to witness Your truths when this happens. I know that more people can be saved even among the rudest crowds, but only You can give us eyes to see them. It has been these times that I have not given up the preaching, the passing out tracts, the praying for people, and helping the homeless, and doors have opened up in a big way. And I give You honor and praise for what took place in those days of the past. I just hope and pray that more days are ahead of me and for others in the faith also. I trust that You will continue to guide my path, and I pray that more people will be guided by the Holy Spirit also. I trust in You, Jesus. Continue to use each one of us for Your greater good. I trust in You. I believe in You. I love You so much, God. Amen.
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